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Masonux 9.10 Beta 2 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 04 December 2009 11:41


Masonux 9.10 Beta 2 is released. Masonux is based on the latest Ubuntu 9.10 release and is targetted at netbook users.


According to the developer this Beta release is an unpolished abomination, but it will have a christmas-themed default wallpaper.


the Login Window is a little wonky... make sure you select LXDE as the session. This is a beta, so do not install it on a production machine.
On a related note: the install icon itself doesn't work. Entering "ubiquity" in a terminal works, though.

Head over here for the Masonux site.

You can download Masonux 9.10 Beta 2 here.