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Ubuntu Netbook Remix Optimization Guide PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 29 November 2009 11:07

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Although the latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a great Operating System for Netbooks like the Eee PC, blogger Andrew wasn't completely satisfied with this Ubuntu version, so he shows there is room for some optimizations.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

He writes:

I recently got a new Eee PC and installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Karmic Koala (which is going to be renamed to Ubuntu Netbook Edition starting with Lucid) and even though UNR is already somewhat optimized, I don't like how some things work and also there is room for a lot more optimizations. I would like to share with you these optimizations, all with screen real estate and low power consumption in mind. A part of this article is for EeePC only, but most work on any netbook!

Here are some highlights of the optimization guide:

  • The terminal - replace the original terminal by Guake, a drop-down terminal for Gnome
  • Improve your Netbook battery life - Install PowerTOP
  • Replace the Window-picker-applet with Namebar and DockBarX
  • Tweaking Maximus - edit the /apps/maximus/no_maximize file
  • Optimize the Gnome Panel time display
  • Optional: Remove the Gnome panel altogether - use Docky, Avant Window Navigator or Cairo Dock instead
  • Firefox Netbook optimization - install Swiftfox, an optimized Firefox build
  • Install an Eee PC tray utility
  • Wireless (Eee PC 1005HA only) - install linux-backports-modules-karmic

The guide shows some nice tips, especially the Eee PC specific parts are quite handy.

Head over here for the complete guide.