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Samsung netbooks will use HyperSpace instant-on technology PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 23 October 2009 10:56


Samsung has partnered with Phoenix Technologies to load the instant-on HyperSpace on all of Samsung’s upcoming mobile PCs including netbooks.


HyperSpace is a low profile Linux distro that occupies a small hard drive partition, allowing you to choose between HyperSpace or another Operating System when you boot your computer.
HyperSpace boots in a few seconds & allows you to quick and easy access a handful of applications including Firefox, Skype & multimedia software.

"Samsung and Phoenix are jointly working to meet consumer needs for instant-on PCs and all-day mobile computing devices," said leading industry analyst and mobile PC futurist Tim Barjarin of Creative Strategies. "With HyperSpace, Phoenix is on track to change the way people actually use a PC. Consumers will now be able to use Samsung netbooks throughout the day and have smart connectivity options just like smartphones."

Earlier this year ASUS announced they will also use Hyperspace on their Eee PC range.

Head over here for the press release.