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First devices with Chrome OS this month? PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 02 October 2009 13:48

Chrome OS

The first devices with the new Linux based Chrome OS from Google will probably hit the markets this month. This Operating System is mainly targeted at netbooks.

Chrome OS

Trusted industry insider sources told that devices sporting Google’s much trumpeted Chrome OS will start to appear in mid October. Although Chrome OS is still in Beta it won't be a big surprise if a pre-release version of the operating system will appear on some cheap Chinese hardware. suggests that Chrome OS could be installed on computers with the Loongson 2F processor. Designed to work with Linux software, the Loongson 2F processor is in a sound position to take advantage of Chrome's OS on netbooks and all-in-one desktop devices. One of the Netbooks which is powered by a Loonson 2F processor is the Gdium.

Today the latest Beta of Chrome OS is released, version 0.4.207.