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Wi-Fi Hotspot location tool got Slashdotted PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 18:33


As you may have noticed was offline yesterday evening & today untill this afternoon. This was caused by the "Slashdot effect".


As soon as a link of the article about the huge impact of Netbook on the PC industry was published on the frontpage of the imens popular tech-site, also noticed a huge impact... the network traffic was so high that the hosting company which hosts this site had to shutdown the site temporarily. Otherwise other sites which are hosted on the same server (shared webhosting) would be affected also with the huge load on the server this traffic caused.

After some e-mails with the hoster we decided to wait a while before putting the site online. Now the network traffic is still a bit more then usual, but this shouldn't cause major problems anymore.