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First Netbook with Android reviewed PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 12 September 2009 14:28

SkyTone Alpha 680

The Skytone Alpha 860 which was announced in April this year is the first Netbook available with Google Android installed. Now a review of this new Netbook has been published.

SkyTone Alpha 680

The Linux based Android Operating System developped by Google is meant for Smartphones, but some manufacturers like Asus and Skytone think Android is also suitable for Netbooks.

Besides the fact that the Skytone Alpha 860 has Android installed this Netbook stands out from the crowd with its touchscreen and tablet capabilities.

RokBlog did get hold of an Alpha 680 Netbook from Skytone & did review this device.

"The Alpha 680 shows us that possibilities in the future of netbook and tablet computing are endless, and it also shows us that there is a lot of room for improvement", according to the reviewer of RokBlog. "It can do a lot of things that regular netbooks cannot and will be a fun toy for geeks who want to work with Android on a netbook".

Look below for a short video review.




Head over here for the complete review at RokBlog.