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Easypeasy 1.5 for Netbooks PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 September 2009 09:23


Easy Peasy 1.5 is released. This is a custom Linux distribution (Ubuntu based), optimized for netbooks. According to the developers they have taken their time to iron out bugs and put in new features to "again give the netbook community a great linux distribution."

Easypeasy 1.5

New in easypeasy 1.5
  • New visual look by Lasse Sætre and Mark Basset
  • Awesome Linux kernel (2.6.30) optimized for netbooks with faster startup built by Martin Bammer
  • Support for more netbooks
  • Hybrid image (both .img and .iso at the same time) by Phil Howard * This makes it possible to move the image to the usb stick with unetbootin or dd etc. Which means it’s now possible to intall from a Mac
  • Many bug fixes [1]
  • Upgraded software (Picasa, OpenOffice 3.1 etc.)
  • Built off Ubuntu 9.04
  • Smaller harddrive footprint
  • Uses the new ext4 filesystem as default
  • UXA by default * The first distro to deliver real composite desktop which means it’s possible to run 3D in 3D (ie. the netbook interface and desktop effects)
  • Banshee as default music player instead of Songbird
  • Lots of clever solutions when it comes to upgrades through repositories * Ubuntu security upgrades are available to easypeasy users as fast as they’re released, while easypeasy isn’t overwritten by Ubuntu

You can download easypeasy 1.5 here (instructions included)