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KDE Linux Netbook Desktop PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009 07:51

KDE Netbook version

The developers of the KDE desktop environment for Linux are working on a netbook optimized KDE 4 Plasma user interface. Applications & widgets can be displayed on low resolution displays & the graphical effects don't use too much resources.

KDE Netbook version

The KDE 4 desktop lets you switch between open programs that shows thumbnail versions of running applications. Individual programs open in full screen mode & there’s a single taskbar at the top of the screen to provide a program menu, system information & a list of running applications.

One of the developers of KDE Marco Martin posted some info about this project:

"The actua plasma executable is another one that is way simpler that the full fledged plasma-desktop one, and it features just a panel (final layout still to be defined) and a main view (don't call it desktop eh:p) that will display one of the two main activities we will ll come up for this project that are: SAL, a fullscreen application launcher/search interface/document browser/whatever (MoRpHeUz will talk more on that in the future:p) and the Newspaper activity, that's where i spent the last 2 days of development, besides making the mini plasma shell work a bit better."

Read more about this on the Blog of Marco Martin.