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More then 50 million Netbooks will be sold in 2010 PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 13:57


According to the latest predictions global notebook shipments are expected to reach 200 million units in 2010, of which, netbooks will account for 25%, or 50 million units.

Acer chairman JT Wang forecasts global notebook shipments will reach 170 million units in 2009, a growth of 32% on year, while netbook shipments will reach 25-30 million units, up from 13.5 million units in 2008. Of the netbook shipments

Wang said he believes the decline in market demand brought on by the economic downturn will end by the middle of this year and that the IT industry will see better performance in the second half.

Acer will own a 40-50% market share, Wang estimated, according to