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Pupeee 4.2 released PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 April 2009 09:08

Pupeee 4.2

Pupeee 4.2 is released. This Eee PC optimized Netbook distro is based on Puppy Linux. Puppy Linux (and the Puppeee distro) was written from scratch with 2 goals in mind: speed & ease of use.

Pupeee 4.2

Pupeee 4.2 release notes

Drivers included:

  • Madwifi
  • Intel-hda sound patch
  • Hotkeys-patch
  • Eeepc acpi

Known bugs:

  • Eee PC 1000ha wifi uses diffrent drivers madwifi does not see it correctly.
  • Puppy network manager is the only app that works with wifi, does not always find your network but it will after a few attempts. this seems to only happen if theirs multi wifi connections available.
  • Wpa long keys said to not work. 

On WegianWarrior's ramblings Blog a short review was published. Here's a quote from the reviewer:

"Out of the box it's configured with two docks for icons (top and left of the screen) and a sidebar with widgets (on the right). While I havn't been fooling around with the docks just yet, I've made the sidebar display CPU activity, RAM, free space for running Pupeee, battery and WiFi status. From a fresh boot it also displays multiple icons on the desktop - I might move some to one of the docks to tidy up a bit."

You can read the short review here.

Download Pupeee 4.2 here.