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Linpus QuickOS puts Linux into fifth gear PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 09:53

Linpus QuickOS

Linpus - known from their Linpus Linux pre-installed onto Acer Aspire One Netbooks - announced at the CEBIT they've entered into a strategic partnership with Insyde Software - provider of UEFI firmware -, to improve the boot speed & access to the applications of the Linpus Linux version for netbooks. This version will be called Linpus QuickOS.

Linpus QuickOS

Linpus QuickOS is following the trend of instant-on Operating Systems as introduced by HyperSpace from Phoenix Technologies a few months ago.

This strategic partnership between Linpus and Insyde Software will provide a significant number of benefits to notebook, netbook and ultra-portable device users including: 1. UEFI-based "Quick Boot" technology making applications available within six seconds after power is turned on. 2. Quick access to data and files used and stored by Windows applications 3. A rich set of Linux-based applications including web browser, email, instant-messaging, PIM, VOIP, media players and more, according to the recent press release of Linpus.

"We are extremely excited to working with Insyde Software and to be showcasing our joint demonstration at Cebit this year," stated Stephen Lim, CEO & President of Linpus. "Since both companies have tremendous experience in helping OEMs and ODMs bring their products to market, we are anticipating great success with our joint approach" commented Lim.

It wil be obvious Acer would pre-install Linpus QuickOS onto their upcoming Aspire Netbooks.

German site Netbook has put a video online which shows the fast boot speed of Linpus QuickOS.