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FluxFlux-Se released PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 08 February 2009 14:54


FluxFlux-Se has been released today. FluxFlux is a PCLinuxOS Remaster & provides a fully configured and ready-to-use live system containing all typical programs for the average user.


FluxFlux-Se is a lightweight Linux distro for Desktop PC's, Notebooks & Netbooks.

FluxFlux-Se offers 3 Boot options:

  • Standard PC's/Notebooks/Netbooks (Boot entry 1)
  • MSI Wind/Medion Akoya (Boot entry 2)
  • VESA or VGA-Modus, if the graphics fail (Boot entry 3)

Release notes (extract/translation of the German release notes)
  • ISO size: 637 MB.
  • Size of installation: 2 GB.
  • Kernel with new ALSA-Modules & new ALSA-Firmware (1.0.19), new v4l-Modules (DVB-T), WLAN- & WebCam-Modules.
  • This Kernel is the Standardkernel for all fluxflux-Versions & makes it easy to get new modules offered & is a stable kernel (new .24, .26, .27 are installable with Synaptic).
  • New Bootsplash (thanks Richard Mohler!)
  • Touchscreen support.
  • Fluxflux-se replaces fluxflux-wind, with all related options.
  • If Liveversion is booted a special option for the MSI Wind/Medion Akoya is offered, so it offers full functionality & is transfered to the installationmedium.
  • Netbooks - Tested are Acer AAO, LG X110, HP Mini, Compaq Mini, NC 10, Lenovo, Siemens Amilo) runs well, Screenresolution fixed now, 1024x600 is recognized properly, WLAN works on all tested Netbooks.
  • Firefox 3.0.5, Thunderbird with Lightning & Pidgin (Skype must be installed afterwards)

Look here for the complete release notes in German.

Currently the German version is available here (hopefully the English version will be released ASAP)