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Easy Peasy Linux released for netbooks PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 10:49

Easy Peasy

Ubuntu Eee is dead, long live Easy Peasy! This is a custom Linux distribution (Ubuntu 8.10 based), optimized for netbooks, especially the Eee PC series.

Easy Peasy

Probably the name of the project is changed to Easy Peasy, so it doesn't get confused with Eeebuntu anymore.

Easy Peasy is based on the Linux distribution Ubuntu 8.10. It includes custom drivers & software, so it works on almost all Eee PC netbooks.

You can download a DVD Image to install it with the help of an external DVD driver, or you can try UNetbootin to install it using a USB memory stick.

You can download the Image here.

Many users at the forum are testing the Image right now.