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One Laptop Per Hacker program PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 28 December 2008 18:15


Emtec has launched a new program called “One Laptop Per Hacker.” (named after the "One Laptop Per Child" project) The goal is to build a more robust developer community around the upcoming Gdium netbook platform.


The Gdium netbook uses a customized version of Mandriva Linux which runs from a G-Key (removable USB flash drive)

Developers who are selected to be part of the program will get a pre-release version of the Gdium netbook, including the G-key & a chance to work with the Gdium development team.

Developers also get:

  • Access to online services for developers
  • Full Support of the Gdium development team, and access to key members of the Gdium Foundation.
  • The OLPH Group on Gdium.Com with
    • Blogging, forums and user pages support.
    • An RSS Feed with news about the Gdium and all the exiting news coming from the OLPH programme
    • Software project management (source code and task management)
    • Access to a bugtracker

If you want to take part of the program you can register here.