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Eeebuntu 8.10 released PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 13 December 2008 20:55


Eeebuntu 8.10 has been released. Eeebuntu is a custom version of Ubuntu Linux that supports all drivers for most Eee PC models out of the box.


There are 3 editions of Eeebuntu, the standard edition, the NBR edition & Based.

Standard edition

This edition includes a full Ubuntu desktop & all the applications that come with the OS including OpenOffice, Firefox & Pidgin.

NBR edition

This is basically the same as the standard edition, but it uses the Ubuntu Netbook Remix interface. This interface is designed to make it easier to find & launch programs on Eee PCs with low resolution displays.


This is a stripped down version of Ubuntu. This edition saves a lot of disk space & has all the basic system files, but doesn’t have any unecessary applications preloaded. You can always install applications afterwards if you need them.


Brad Linder from Liliputing has published an excellent "How to install Eeebuntu with a usb flash drive".

Go to the Eeebuntu website to download one of the editions.