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Ubuntu Mobile released PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 September 2008 08:39

Ubuntu Mobile

A pre-release version of Ubuntu Mobile has been released. This Linux distribution is not the same as Ubuntu Netbook Remix, because it also supports touchscreens.

Ubuntu Mobile

Ubuntu Mobile is optimized for laptops without keyboards & has big buttons & an on-screen keyboard for typing. that are easy to press with your fingers or a stylus and an on-screen keyboard for typing. It’s basically a full version of Ubuntu, but it looks better on laptops with a small screen.

Ubuntu Mobile comes bundled with many software, like the office suite, Thunderbird email client, Pidgin Instant Messenger & multimedia applications like Rhythmbox Music Player & Totem Movie Player. It doesn't includes Firefox, but a custom web browser called the midbrowser is designed to use the maximum scree space & provides touchscreen navigation.

In order to install or run Ubuntu Mobile, you need a USB flash drive or a SD card, with 1GB capacity.

Look here for more info & a download link.